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Culture, art, society selected works

Five decades of adrenaline: Joe Honda, the rebel photographer who immortalized motorsport (CNN)

The Indian revolutionary who fought to overthrow British rule while living in Japan (CNN)

The Japanese calligrapher who keeps a forgotten female ancient script alive (CNN STYLE)

History's deadliest air raid happened in Tokyo during World War II and you've probably never heard of it (CNN)

How Japanese and English merged to create a new language (CNN TRAVEL)

Japanese anime: From 'Disney of the East' to a global industry worth millions (CNN STYLE)


Why most photographs you see of feudal Japan are deceptive (VICE Motherboard) (En Français)


This photographer captures the world in infrared (VICE Motherboard) (En Français

The man who spent 30 years in the rainforest recording the music of the Bayaka (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

The woman who makes prosthetic pinkies for ex-yakuza members (VICE Motherboard) (En Français) (Em Português


A Japanese monk is making a VR world to reflect the true feudal Tokyo (VICE Motherboard) (En Français) (Em Português)

Space-inspired designers imagine a jumpsuit that turns sweat into drinking water (VICE Motherboard) (En Français)

Cameroonian game devs want to break the 'exotic wall' created by the US (VICE Motherboard)

These 100-year-old photos are being reunited with the communities they depict (VICE Motherboard)


Photographer preserves samurai history using 19th-century technique (CNN)


Mesmerizing aerial photos reveal Hong Kong's 'hidden geometries' (CNN) (CNNespanol)


$27,000 melons? Unwrapping the high price of Japan's luxury fruit habit (CNN)

Ancient Roman coins found in Japanese castle (CNN) (CNNespanol)


Aggretsuko: Hello Kitty's beer swilling, heavy metal-loving angry sister (CNN)  


Wearable tech: This dress uses graphene to light up when you breathe (CNN)


Japan's pineapple pen song goes highbrow with Kabuki makeover (CNN)

Cern doc gives close up look at Hadron Collider (WIRED)

Digital archaeologist restores old websites to 'former glory' (WIRED)

Skipping ropes inspire beautiful kinetic sculptures (WIRED)

In Hatay, Afghan-Turkic community maintains traditions (SETimes)

Golden Orange film shows human side of Soviet soldiers (Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review)

Kurdish musicians empowered through social media (SETimes)

Rapping with a message in Ercis (SETimes)

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