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Human rights, education, society selected works

Japan has so many vacant homes it's giving them away (Pulitzer grant project/CNN) ​(日本語

Japan needs immigrants, but do immigrants need Japan? (Pulitzer grant project/CNN)

Answering the call: The women on the front lines of Japan's defense (Pulitzer grant project/CNN)

This man spent almost five decades on death row. He could go back (CNN)

Can Japan survive without immigrants? (CNN)

Meet the nuclear cattle of Fukushima (CNN)


The woman who makes prosthetic pinkies for ex-yakuza members (VICE Motherboard) (En Francais) (Em Português)

The man who spent 30 years in the rainforest preserving the music of the Bayaka (VICE Motherboard) (Em Portugues)

As more work moves online, the threat of 'digital sweatshops' looms (VICE Motherboard)

How is basketball like coding? ask the kids at this Madagascar tech camp (VICE Motherboard)

How drones could help an indigenous community fight mining and deforestation (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

This little robot acts as a real-life 'avatar' for humans (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

The paralyzed man who can control a robotic arm with his thoughts (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

A Nigerian STEM club offers girls an alternative to marrying young (VICE Motherboard) (En Francais

Archaeology robots will explore where no human can (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

STEAM Co to power arts-meets-science events in UK schools (WIRED

Overcoming the agricultural conundrum in Turkey's southeast (Longlisted for The Guardian's international development award)

At root of Kurdish hunger strike, decades of struggle (Al-Ahkbar)

Syrian-Turkmen look to Turkey for political leverage (Rudaw)

Six months on, Van earthquake (SETimes)


In post-earthquake Van, women struggle to adjust to life in container housing (SETimes) (Türkçe)

Overcoming religious prejudice in Van (SETimes) (Türkçe)


Shedding light on the Zilan massacre (SETimes) 

Turkey: Post-Roboski bombing, the dead are buried, but families still wait for justice (eKurd)s 188

Anxious Turks suspect that US plot is behind Syrian implosion (Christian Science Monitor)


In photos: Thousands march in London to protest war in Turkey's southeast (VICE News)

Opposition to dam remains strong in Hasankeyf (Hurriyet Daily News)

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