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Science & tech selected works

Inside China's 'mosquito factory' to fight Zika and dengue (CNN)

Beyond dimensions: The man who married a hologram (Pulitzer grant project/CNN)

The wearable cyborgs that use brain waves to power up your muscles (CNN Features & Health)


The man building robots to understand humans better (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

Death is a high-tech trip in Japan's futuristic cemeteries (VICE Motherboard) (En Français) (Em Português)

The paralyzed man who can control a robotic arm with his thoughts (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

Smart, self-destructing syringes could save millions of lives (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

How is basketball like coding? Ask the kids at this Madagascar tech camp (VICE Motherboard) (En Français)

How do you teach a robot feelings? Make it do opera (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português

A Nigerian STEM club offers girls an alternative to marrying young (VICE Motherboard) (En Français

How ‘bionic’ sheep could be armed against wolf attacks (VICE Motherboard) (En Français) (Em Português)

As more work moves online, the threat of 'digital sweatshops' looms (VICE Motherboard)

Space-grown mouse embryos are a step toward human colonization (VICE Motherboard) (En Français)

An alternative approach to nuclear fusion: Think smaller (VICE Motherboard) (En Français

Japan's 87-year-old patent king is trying to find a cure for his cancer (VICE Motherboard) (En Français)

The crown jewels of the Soviet space age (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

70 years on: Researchers archive the longest-running study of A-bomb survivors (VICE Motherboard) (Em Portugues)

Chinese cave graffiti contains over 500 years of climate data (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português

We need to control our algorithms before they destroy the environment (VICE Motherboard) (Em Português)

Social robots are just as prevalent in Europe as they are in Japan (VICE Motherboard)

Japan's ultra-polite taxi drivers are worried Uber will undermine traditions (VICE Motherboard)


This entrepreneur wants to build a Kurdish version of Google (VICE Motherboard)


Scared of public speaking? This audience simulator makes you face your fear (VICE Motherboard)

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